How to Use Bolt Seal

Sep. 09, 2019

Bolt seals are primarily used to secure shipping containers. A security seal is used for securing containers and must be in compliance with the ISO PAS 17712 for high security seal in order to be accepted by customs all around the world in ocean shipping. The US Customs and Port Authority pay very close attention and adhere strictly to these standards. The high security seal has a reinforced steel inner core is completely encapsulated in a tough, tamper-evident and numbered polymer shell. Keyless, single use bolt locks provide a high level of security and tamper-evidence. Ideal use for these steel, heavy-duty, high-security bolt seals include trucks, cargo containers, and wherever high-security and tamper-evidence is required.

Easy to Apply

Simple, no-tool application - just click two pieces together to self-lock. Typically, the shaft is inserted through the hasp of the locking mechanism affixed to door or access point. The 2nd piece of the bolt lock, the locking cap, is then hand-applied, positively clicking in place to lock the bolt. This rugged, high-security seal must be removed with a bolt cutter by cutting the shaft.


Before the seal is applied, you will need to conduct a visual inspection of the seal and the locking area. To confirm if the seal has been installed correctly, gently pull the seal apart to ensure that the locking mechanism has been properly engaged. This will ensure the goods for transit are secure for delivery.


When the cargo arrives at its destination, the security seal should be visually inspected for any irregularities or tamper marks. If the security seal is colour coded or has sequential numbering, the seal should be checked against the log details to ensure the cargo is secured with its original security seal. During the inspection, gently pull the seal apart to ensure that the locking mechanism has not been compromised in any way. Any errors or discrepancies can highlight potential attempts of a cargo breach or theft, and this should be reported and documented immediately.

How to Use Bolt Seal

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