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Oct. 28, 2020

Metal seals

There are several basic designs of the metallic seals: bolt sealsball seals, and cable seals.

Bolt seals are used to secure shipping containers, trucks, and trailers. A bolt seal used for securing containers must conform to the ISO 17712 high security seal in order to be accepted by customs all around the world in ocean shipping. The C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) specifies ISO 17712 compliant security seals to be used. Bolt seals are generally closed by hand (by pushing the seal body and head together) and opened with the use of bolt cutters. This gives a strong and secure seal for transportation while remaining convenient for staff in ports and warehouses.

Cable seals

Cable seals allow for more versatile application because they have variable length of the locking mechanism limited only by the metallic cable length. Typical applications are security sealing trucks and railway cars transporting valuable commodities. An internal locking mechanism prevents the cable from being retracted. In this regard most cable seals are classified as security or high security level as to ISO 17712.

All ISO 17712 compliant seals are numbered on both seal body and head to prevent substitution of either part. This is usually done using laser marking which cannot be rubbed off because of your own design controlled laser “burned” seal made material.

Ball seals are commonly used for securing trucks along the route by seeing if it was tampering with. They consist of a metal strip with a punched hole, attached to a housing section. When the strip is bent and threaded through the hole, a ball inside the housing section locks it in place. Most ball type seals belong only to the indicative level as to ISO 17712.

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