PM-MS7103 transparent plastic electric meter seal:

Tamper proof one time use twist tight meter seal    


Material:              PC for the outer clear body ABS plastic for the insert part 

Marks:               Numbering, logo, bar code 

Printing  :             Laser print   or  hot  stamping 

Color:                   red , Blue,Yellow,Green,White Or Customers Required


PM-MS7103 Meter Seal

MaterialPC for the outer clear body ABS plastic for the insert part
ColorAccording to customers' requirements
Wire Length150mm or other as per request
Specification:1.Used with any kind of traditional sealing wire 2.Available colors for the inner locking mechanism

Meters, Warehouse, International freight forwarders, Others

Easy to Apply

Simple, no tools or assembly required

Pass the wire through the two holes in the outer part, and then turn the handle clockwise to achieve the perfect closure. 

Removable by cable cutter.


Carton Dimension: 55*42*42cm


1 pc net weight: 2g

10 pcs in a box:20g

500 pcs in a carton: 1kg

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